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Twisted pair troubleshooting

Fail Wiremap

This error is caused by improperly wired connectors and is easily discovered and repaired. Most test sets will display a graphic representation of the problem. Fix wiremap problems by inspecting and correcting miswired termination hardware.


Fail length(test set ±10%)

This occurs when a link exceeds 90 meters; link sometimes’ grow’ as cable may not be placed exactly as planned. Check if the master/meter is set for the correct Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP) of the cable being tested. For instance, a non-plenum cable has a low NVP than a plenum cable.

If the test set is correctly set and the length test still fails,the system may have to be redesigned to eliminate the cable links that are too long(i.e. create a new telecommunications room to shorten the distance to the work area). If system redesign is not possible, retest to ensure the cable passes all other parameters. This link may be limited to slower equipment or services.


Fail Crosstalk or Return Loss (RL)

Fail crosstalk may be caused by several situations. The quickest check is to make sure that the test set is set up for the correct category (5e or 6) of cable. Another very common reason is untwist at the connector.

If the test set displays a distance o the failure, check that location for bends tighter than minimum bend radius or for overly-tight cable ties. Check for kinks in conduit; the inside diameter of conduit decrease as it is bent, and these bends may be crushing the cable.If the distance to the failure is shown to be less than 3 meters, re-terminate the connection on the failing end.

If re-termination does not solve the problem, swap the locations of the test set and test the link from the opposite end. If the failure follows the test equipment (i.e.  the failure was at the remote end and after switching location is still at the remote end), the problem is the meter interface cable. If the problem location doesn’t move with the equipment, try replacing the outlet.It may be that the installation caused cable damage and the cable may need to be replaced.


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