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More twisted pair troubleshooting

Fail insertion Loss

Using the wrong category of cable or incorrect category of termination jack are two causes of this problem. It is corrected by installing the correct category of cable/hardware.Another common cause is that the cable is too long.


Post-testing problems

Some problems come up only when the active equipment is attached.These are a little more difficult to troubleshoot and repair.


Failure to link (link light does not come on )

This has numerous causes; the most obvious is that the cabling cannot support the application. If using the correct cable, troubleshooting becomes more complex.

If installation testing rule out wiremap problems,the most likely solution is that improper patching has produced an incomplete circuit path. Disconnect the equipment at the telecommunications room and the work area prior to test the circuit path. Attach a tone generator to the cable in question. and use an inductive probe to check for tone at the far end.  If tone is detected, then the link is continuous. If tone is not detected, the link is not continuous and each segment of the link must be tested until the broken segment is found.

If the circuit is continuous, use a tester with a ‘ noise’ check test to see if this is the problem. Note that’ too much’ noise is relative; the’ noise floor’ varies with the application. If the noise floor is too great for the application, the only option is to re-route the cable to avoid the noise source (i. e. fluorescent lights, high-voltage electrical cable, etc.) .


Other problems

If the link light is on but the circuit is not working, the cause could be that the horizontal cable is too short, and the receiver is being overpowered by too strong a signal. Solve this by using excessively long patch cable at either end of the link too add extra attenuation to the circuit.

Another possibility is that the cable is fine but the active equipment is improperly configured.Check the active to ensure proper configuration.


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