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International Workers' Day

Labor Day

    May 1st  is the International Workers' Day, also known as Labor Day or Workers' Day in some countries and often referred to as May Day, is a celebration of laborers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labor movement which occurs every year on May Day (1 May), an ancient European spring festival.

    The date was chosen by a pan-national organizatio of socialist and communist political parties to commemorate the Haymarket affair, which occurred in Chicago on 4 May 1886. The 1904 Sixth Conference of the Second International, called on "all Social Democratic Party organizations and trade unions of all countries to demonstrate energetically on the First of May for the legal establishment of the 8-hour day, for the class demands of the proletariat, and for universal peace."

    As a traditional holiday, we thank all the workers working so hard to achieve the goals and taking this opportunity, we will have a 2-day holidays for them this year. Happy Labor Day and Have Fun to you all. 






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